SOFT DAO Approval/Instantiation

Sign the SOFT DAO Constitution:

here’s the first Tx for instantiating the DAO
We will need 3 signatures to complete/approve

SafeTx Hash: 0xc1fdbeec7d485db88d5d7ad11e970c9815bbabc2dc2da66450d484cf1f0be486

You can also log into your Gnosis Safe account to validate/sign transaction 0 using the link above

The hash itself is encoded into the data payload, you can recreate the hash by decoding the hex data below using Hex Encode - Online Hex Encoder

Hex Encoded: 0x516d647a755a51484a786f417972344570476d586a477a516257423269756e734656724c796172584e784d734264

Hex Decoded: QmRdGa7XasUq84SmKqZtrbkDP8EBENogG2gxXGnVcDfiAX

Plain text version can be viewed in-browser here:




Too bad I didn’t have time to participate in the subscription ((

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