Supporting more L2 solutions

Hi! It’s no secret that with the need to scale networks, L2 solutions began to evolve. In the recent round 5 tokensoft testnet, Optimism network was tested and apparently it will be included to work when selecting projects deployed on its basis and OP token purchase. In addition, at least 3 more very good L2 projects - Arbitrum, ZKsynk and starknet - will be deployed in the ether network in the near future. As a result of the question, should we start to introduce these solutions into the structure of the site now, which of them is worth starting with in your opinion? Is it worth to conduct the next rounds of testnet tokensoft of these networks? I think soon we will begin to see a lot of quality projects deployed in these networks and should pay attention to their gradual implementation.


I support the @JustFunny idea. One way or another, this is relevant, and the sooner negotiations on mutual cooperation begin, the better. I am sure that there are users among the participants who are ready to start the preliminary communication and presentation of TokenSoft right now. Including I am one of these users, to some extent I have already begun to move in this direction.
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I’m all for a comprehensive approach and this is a good time to test and develop, while the market is in the pampa we should not waste time. :dizzy: :100: :v:


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