Transparency, Trust, Tashi

Soft DAO Implementation:

Tashi has made the deliberate decision to conduct its token sale through Tokensoft for a multitude of compelling reasons. The Soft DAO’s emphasis on Access, Fair Surge Protection, and Transparency align seamlessly with the fundamental principles that underpin the Tashi protocol. By opting for this approach, we can confidently ensure an equitable token sale process for the public, bolstered by our strong conviction in the integrity of the smart contracts deployed on the blockchain.


**Tashi is a decentralized finance protocol built on Evmos. It consists of the TASHI Markets and will later be hosting Liquid Staking provided by Rome Blockchain Labs. Partnering with Rome Blockchain Labs, Wormhole, Pyth, Chaos Labs, Quadrata, Pangolin, C14, Into The Block, Immunefi, Notifi, and a quant firm to establish a new tokenomics system, Tashi is poised to grant its users the best possible lending markets based off security, earned trust, and innovation. Tashi has done its best to represent global decentralization, while taking meaningful measures to restrict access where we know government regulations preclude us from operating, to ensure the integrity of the protocol. Tashi has successfully launched its Genesis Pools, and is set to begin the token sale on July 25th for whitelisted addresses, and July 26th to the public.

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**In accordance with our steadfast commitment to establishing a protocol characterized by fairness, security, and unwavering reliability, the Soft DAO primitives seamlessly align with our vision. We firmly assert that no other path presents itself as a viable alternative when it comes to upholding the virtues of transparency and impartiality. We have deliberately refrained from implementing distinct pricing tiers for the sale of TASHI, as our ultimate objective is to extend access to all individuals desiring participation in a manner that is equitable and reflective of the genuine market dynamics.


Aligned with the principles guiding our sale, Soft DAO’s primitives will serve as the benchmark. Leveraging Tokensoft, we can guarantee that Access, Fair Surge Protection, and Transparency are upheld to the highest standards we have set. We earnestly welcome insights on how the Soft DAO community can actively collaborate with Tashi, as we hold a steadfast commitment to fostering an environment where ideas from like-minded groups are embraced. Our shared vision revolves around long-term, high-integrity outcomes, and we are eager to explore collaborative opportunities that resonate with this common purpose.

Contact Info @gofudyourself .k.r.i.s.t.i.n.e. @tashi_lindsay lindsay4032