Give awards for getting gold achievements on the forum: great topic, etc

If you achieve a gold award for a topic - give an award to the author of the topic.
What can be an award:

  • coins
  • nft
  • USDT
    You can also give awards and titles on the forum itself, as well as change the color of the nickname + role in the discord by level DAO (DAO1 / DAO2 / DAO3, etc.) or give the role of an Ambassador. / Community Leader

This is a good option. This will bring for sure alot of new people and this forum will be more usable!

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in principle, this idea ranks as well as in discord, but here you can look more realistically at what the author does. how much the audience gathers and how useful his advice and suggestions are. support!


I don’t support such an idea, spam and meaningless proposals will start, messages like “Good project”. I think this forum has a bigger purpose.


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