Human node sale buyers should be included in airdrop

From the current airdrop eligible wallet address list human node sale buyers are excluded

human node announced their sale on tokensoft a long time ago on 27 july 2022 and the sale started from 6th of october

human node sale was whitelisted and the getting whitelist period was already over by 6th of october , so no new address could have participated in the humannode sale on tokensoft

tokensoft announced about softdao airdrop on 28 october and it was after the human node sale was started and the in the softdao medium article of 28 october it was not mentioned about the last date to participate in the tokensoft sales , then the article was updated after i asked about humannode sale buyers are included or not in their discord group

from this> my proposal is to get human node sale buyers to be included in the airdrop of softdao



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