Personal data is made public

I was with Tokensoft beginning with second round of testnet, did not use multi accounting or any other ways of cheating, was proud to be the part of community. I used one and only wallet address and my KYC was totally completed before it became the request for dropping. My e-mail was verified too.

I was very upset when did not find myself in the last list but moreover when I found my personal information in a public list which can see thousands of people. Who knows how my personal data can be used now when it became transparent because of your team. We all here because love the first idea of crypto decentralization and keeping incognito and how it can be that the project I trusted made such a mistake or (I hope not) intentional act?

I really hope that it is a huge mistake and not the approved decision of you.

So first of all I ask you to delete my personal data from the second list and secondary to add my address for the final list of users who will receive the drop because the ban is unfair.

With hope on understanding and thanks in advance. And I hope everyone who think the same way support this post.


Yeah, same for me. I was on tokensoft since 2021 autumn and have only one wallet.
And the fact that I was not allowed into the DAO is not even the worst thing in this situation. The worst thing is that a member of the team published personal information, with the words - these are not people, just multi-accounts. Such neglect before a full check is simply unacceptable, the least I expect is an apology.


I think filling the form and providing KYC you already knew that your data would be public. If you have a problem, submit prove to the team, they will review it.

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