Presentation of information in the form of infographics

I propose to work on the organization of infographics. You can figure out how to cover the news and statistics of the project in an interesting and sometimes humorous way.


This is exactly what Tokensoft lacks. Very little infographic information about Tokensoft!


Absolutly dude! We need to convey this to them.




I can help with the work on structuring information and its graphical presentation. I have a master’s degree in information systems and technologies, a specialist in the field of system analytics. I work with some modeling methodologies and notations.

Hi guys.
I collaborated with @GeniusGreek, we were working together for another project. Informative infographics will only benefit, as there are different categories of people - some perceive information through text, others through visual representation, others by ear.
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@jAleksey thank you, my friend, for your feedback. moreover, we could cooperate our forces in this project, if it would be interesting.

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I agree, we can think about it.
I’ll try next week to study in more detail about what’s going on - I think I’ll have ideas right away.
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