Request for SoftDAO AMA: Pulsar

Soft DAO Implementation:

Pulsar ( is a Web 3 multiplayer real time strategy game that borrows the multi-unit gameplay of popular games like Starcraft and Warhammer 40K and puts players into immersive, randomly generated dungeon experiences inspired by Diablo and Path of Exile. The game is currently live on chain on testnet and will be on mainnet later this year on the Pulsar Layer 1 blockchain.

Pulsar has partnered with TokenSoft to use SoftDAO’s primitives as part of our public token sale to raise capital for the next phase of our expansion.


The Pulsar public sale will launch on Tokensoft on August 1st, first to our core userbase in the Avalanche community and then expanding to Arbitrum and Ethereum.

Our goal is to raise funding to expand our server capacity so we can support more than our current 5,000 player cap, and to accelerate the next phase of our development to deliver features for our user base, including more multiplayer dungeon content, map builder, and other fun experiences for players.

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We chose TokenSoft because of it’s stellar reputation working with projects in the space. We knew that launching an IDO in a bear was a challenging process and wanted to partner with a protocol that had an incredible track record of successfully launching token sales with projects.


The TokenSoft team has been incredibly gracious with their time and have helped us get set up for our token sale with no complications. At this time our goal is to meet the SoftDAO community, introduce our project, and hopefully bring on some more players to test out the game!

Contact Info

Twitter: @pulsargame