RFP: Stealth Round Governance Proposal for Token Revision or Refund


This proposal concerns the recent Stealth Round Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on The Soft DAO Portal, which was open to all Soft DAO community members and set at $0.25 per $SOFT during this round.


Currently, the tokens remain locked for the public community since the Initial DEX Offering (IDO), despite being traded on decentralized exchanges at an average price of $0.06, which is 80% below the official stealth round price. This situation has led to widespread dissatisfaction and negative impacts on the overall fairness and trust within the community, which is crucial for the longevity of the project.


The Proposal: Initiate a governance vote to address this issue and provide the community members who participated in the stealth round with two options:

  1. Token Revision: Allow community members to receive tokens based on 20% discounted market value at the time of distribution, ensuring fairness and transparency in the allocation process.

  2. Refund Option: Offer a refund option for those who disagree with the current allocation, giving them the opportunity to opt out of the initial purchase.

This vote is of paramount importance to all participants in the round, as it reflects our commitment to fairness, flexibility, and trust within the community and the project team.

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Hope to see some feedback from all stealth round participants and the rest community about this

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Very great proposal, this would be the ideal path!

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thanks, waiting for the rest participants

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