Greetings all. I have a suggestion to consider crypto-insurance to increase trust in the use of the Tokensoft platform to access the broader crypto-economy.

1. The need that solves the proposal:
Confirmation of the security and reliability of appropriately regulated digital asset transactions.
2. How it will be achieved:
How this insurance works is entirely up to individual companies willing to take on the underwriting and insurance of real digital assets. As for the best provider of crypto insurance, the team probably has companies in mind that offer a wide range of insurance coverage and products.
3. How will both Proposition applicants and the broader SOFT DAO benefit?
Cryptocurrencies will change the way we understand and interact with money. They will sooner or later affect how we secure our financial future. And in the event of a cyberattack on a platform, insurance claims can cover losses, demonstrating an efficient and transparent financial system based on cryptocurrency.


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