Optimal Tally SoftDAO Threshold: Balancing Access, Inclusivity & Spam


This proposal focuses on finding the optimal threshold for creating new proposals on Tally for SoftDAO, striking a balance between accessibility for community members and spam prevention. The new proposed threshold will be determined through community feedback and analysis. An initial suggestion is a threshold of 15k $SOFT.

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[The live proposal on Tally once it’s created]


The current threshold of 100k $SOFT is perceived as too high by some community members, limiting the participation of smaller token holders in the governance process. However, excessively lowering the threshold may result in spamming submissions. By adjusting the threshold, we aim to foster community engagement, create an inclusive governance process, and prevent spamming, all in line with SoftDAO’s mission and values.


  1. Conduct a Tally Poll to gather community feedback on the preferred threshold.
  2. Analyze poll results and assess potential spam risks associated with each threshold level.
  3. Propose a new optimal threshold based on community feedback and analysis.
  4. Conduct an on-chain vote to implement the new threshold.

Upon agreeing on the new threshold, an on-chain vote will be held to modify the proposal creation requirements on Tally for SoftDAO. The implementation will necessitate adjustments in the Tally platform to reflect the new threshold.


Date/Time for Voting: [Proposed date/time for initiating the voting process]

Consensus Method: On-chain Vote (As this proposal requires an on-chain action to modify the proposal creation requirements on Tally for SoftDAO).


I support, lowering the threshold will positively affect the activity of the DAO, it will also become an additional motivation for holding governance tokens :slight_smile: It might be worth considering a 10k option as well…


Agreed this proposal, but immediately agreed with the comments that a threshold of 15,000 can be reduced to 10,000


я также поддерживаю снижение порога с 15000. это будет шансом для многих людей для большего взаимодействия. предлагаю понизить возможно до 10000 или даже до 5000

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Lowering the threshold for launching proposals via Tally is an interesting topic to discuss. While it may seem beneficial to make it easier for more community members to propose ideas, it is important to consider the potential drawbacks of lowering the threshold.

One potential concern is that lowering the threshold may result in an increase in low-quality or spam proposals, which could take up valuable time and resources to review and evaluate. Additionally, it may dilute the voting power of serious community members who have invested more in the project.

On the other hand, making it easier to propose ideas could lead to greater participation and engagement within the community, which could result in more innovative and valuable proposals. It could also help to democratize the decision-making process and ensure that a wider range of voices and perspectives are heard.

Ultimately, the decision to lower the threshold should be made with careful consideration of the potential benefits and drawbacks. It may be worth experimenting with a lower threshold for a trial period to assess the impact and gather feedback from the community.


Great, more community members can access the governance :rocket:


Not a bad offer, but you need to think about the size of the reduction, but it’s better to arrange a vote


поддерживаю снижение порога, можно уменьшить порог до 5000

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I think you need to understand what the price of the token will be on the market in order to know how liquid it will be and how much demand there will be for the token. Based on this, an understanding will come - how big or small the figure is, how much the product and the token itself will be in demand on the market, depending on this, to build numbers, but 15 thousand is not enough, not everyone can afford to participate in the DAO


I think it’s positive for the Dao and the threshold should be lowered.
The 10k option is worth considering.
As potential risks increase, the option of raising this threshold later should be considered.


I think so, need to " know how liquid it will be and how much demand there will be for the token "

this thing importal for every projecet and I think people will pay more attention to this.
Whenever he sees how much $SOFT is worth :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Currently, it is very difficult to determine the optimal threshold due to the unpredictable price of $SOFT token itself. However, a threshold of 10-15k $SOFT sounds reasonable. We can always adjust such a threshold with another vote in the future, right?


I think this is an important point. I’m curious if we could implement a mechanism for a vote threshold that is lower prior to there being liquidity/price action before wider distribution.

This way community members can still have their voices heard without compromising the integrity of the votes/spam amount at a later date where that price might be considered low or high depending on the future performance of $SOFT.

Maybe something similar to the BTC price lock mechanism used for the vesting contracts.
A less technical/involved approach could be pre-determined thresholds that are set after a period of time of the token trading. Alternatively maybe something based on amount of token holders, or potentially even a combination to help avoid manipulation.


I think $100K is a lot, the 15 figure seems to be more affordable for the community, but not everyone can afford even this amount, there is a solution-to unite in small groups to collect votes for a certain vote, or delegate to one person who can represent the interests of a group of people, it will be difficult for one person


Reducing the threshold, I really think a step towards the community as it will be possible not to miss really interesting offers from a member with fewer tokens.

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I think this will have a positive impact on the community, as more DAO members will be able to make proposals. I think the limit of 10,000 is acceptable.


Delegation allows for people to collectively back someone who aligns with their interests, which is already a feature of Tally.

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This is a very good idea. Because a lot of people earned their Soft dao tokens by participating in the testnet. And testneters get a little stingy. They don’t want to pay commission for claiming. That’s why I support this idea.

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Hello. I think that 100k is too much :frowning: May be for initial try with 10k?

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Great idea to lower to optimum threshold. You may find the distribution of the amount of softdao tokens or the holders. Then use a certain percentages such as 75% or 80% to determine the threshold. This way you may get optimal threshold.

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