Ambassadooors & Community Leaders Wanted

Hi, my name is Sandibek Asmir, I am 19 years old.

  • Role: SOFT Community Leader
  • Translation article english/russian/kazakh moderate and help in ru/eng chat.Organization to сontests, updates, events. Also i can create content, make memes, art, landings.
  • 45 hour per week
  • Available at any time. Answer to any question within 15 minutes
  • previously participated in the program of ambassadors of many projects like Moonbeam, GoldFinch(1 tier). Minima and Axelar. Also i am a contributor in projects like Evmos, Forta, Aptos. Same way i am a NODERUNNER such projects as Minima, Massa, Sui, Starknet, Subspace
  • bounty: the reward per month is equivalent to $700 in dollars - in stable coins or SOFT

I hope you consider my application, and I can help the development of the project. Showing different activities.

  • For which role are you applying? Ambassador, Community Leader, or other?

Ambassador/Community leader in Disord/Telegram/Twitter

  • What services can you offer to The Soft DAO?

Moderation/assistance in moderation in discord/TG RU/ENG channel, preparation and execution of AMA, preparation of activities in Discord/TG/twitter, translation RU-ENG, preparation of guides, preparation of giveaways and other incentive activities in Discord/TG/twitter.

  • How many hours per week can you offer?

30h+ before 5 Dec, after could devote more time

  • What is your availability each week? Please be specific.

I am available each week for hours stated above between 10 am until 9 pm (UTC + 6)

  • What relevant experience do you have?

I took part in Flight Academy of Goldfinch project, during 5 weeks we were learning materials for topic of the week, then wrote quiz for knowledge and made some reports/wrote articles for the topics related to 3rd world countries and theie economical issues and review of candidates for providing credits. After that I get used to discord structure in other projects. Major of them were Genopets and Ultiverse. I am loyal member of Genopets from January of this year, I get roles of DNA, supporter and about a 3 months ago a trial mod role, after 2 months from that time get mod role. Inside of supporter and staff chats I am actively sharing feedback from community members, providing my personal feedback for most important topics and opinion re future game developments. It’s like light version of DAO. During treasure hunts in Genopets get used to different types of riddles and ciphers. In Ultiverse I get used to another types of riddles/ciphers and took part in different activities to get proper role for WL.

  • What bounty do you propose?

3000-5000 USD-based stablecoins or equivalent in SOFT tokens per quarter depending on my efforts and value added to the project. Bounty could be discussed.


Hello! My name is Daniel.

  • SOFT Community Leader
  • I can be available 30+hours a week
  • translation eng\rus\ro, admistration.(can learn something that you need and help with that)
  • first experience
  • 200$+

Hi, TokenSoft Team
My name is Jirabhorn Kabilaphat
my nickname Jira . I live in Thailand .

  • For which role are you applying?
    Soft DAO Team for Thailand community

  • What services can you offer to The Soft DAO?
    I can create content , make memes and translation the article, information,
    news or announcement from English to Thai.

  • How many hours per week can you offer?
    I can be available 30+ hours a week

  • What is your availability each week? Please be specific.
    30-40 hours a week

  • What relevant experience do you have?
    I am contributor for Phaver project and take care for Thai community.

  • What bounty do you propose? Please propose a number of USD-based stablecoins or SOFT tokens which you believe are appropriate quarterly remuneration for whatever services you plan to provide.
    In Quarterly remuneration ranges between $1,500 and 2,500 (or equivalent in
    SOFT tokens), depending on the work I do for you. You decide, and I agree to
    any team incentive.

I firmly support the Tokensoft project. I will be useful to TokenSoft team for communicate and promote the project to my Thai fan. Hopefully, i will get the opportunity from you. :heart:


be a concrete tester, postmaker, shilling

work from 8 hours a day
3 days a week Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
No experience
Salary per quarter from $ 1200


For which role are you applying?
I apply to DAO Ambassador role

What services can you offer to The Soft DAO?
I have experience as a translator, content creator, my own channel on Medium, I participated in test networks and hackathons, besides, I am also a bit of a designer and do pretty good artwork for various projects, I could work on creating NFT.

How many hours per week can you offer?
I offer you 30+ hours per week. I am available each week and every day.

What is your availability each week?
i can do my job every week.

What relevant experience do you have?
I started dealing with cryptocurrency back in 2017, I was always lost in new technologies, it was very interesting. On my way I participated in many projects, such as SKALE (ambassador, translator) MOONBEAM (ambassador) THEGRAPH (curator), CLOVER (node runner), CERTICK (node runner), MINA (node runner, prism grand winner) COVALENT (ambassador, , translator) And many others

What bounty do you propose?
Quarterly stable coins for my work: 2000 USD+ (70% USD/30% SOFT)

  • My name is Artem. I have been a cryptocurrency enthusiast for 2 years. I spend a lot of time at the computer almost all the time online. I am ambassador Manta Network.
  • Soft Dao
  • I will create content, articles, memes, gifs, infographics, tweets, fluent in Polish and Ukrainian and can translate articles to expand the community, as well as disseminate information about the project in various social networks and groups to increase community to involve the project as much as possible people and I will definitely help beginners in Discord and Telegram. I have a little Photoshop experience, it won’t be a problem to make a picture or a banner.
    -38-43 hours
    -approximately 10 hours each day will be available
    -I am ambassador Manta Network, managed Polish-language Telegram channels about cryptocurrency.
    -$800-900 per month

Hi guys! My name is PONEGLYPH. It is a name derived from the popular Japanese manga ONE PIECE. I’m Vietnamese, I’m 25 years old and an aeronautical engineer.
I am a fan of Tokensoft,. And I am also a crypto investor since 2020, my investigation: Moonbeam, Bitcountry, Manta, ZTG… and others. I love being an ambassador. However, if I can challenge in another position, I am also very willing to try. I always want to try to help people to understand more about cryptocurrencies.
I hope I will be useful to you

What role are you applying for? Ambassador.

What services can you provide to The Soft DAO?
I can create content, create memes, art, videos,
I can help you as an ambassador and community manager in Vietnam

How many hours per week can you provide?
I can be available 15-16 hours a day, which is 100-120 hours a week.

What is your availability per week?
I’m always ready for this job

What relevant experience do you have?
This is my first experience running for this community. There will be difficulties, but I believe that my hard work and curiosity will help me accomplish everything excellently

What bonus do you recommend? Feel free to suggest some USD-based SOFT token or stablecoin that you believe is a suitable quarterly remuneration for any service you intend to provide.
I agree to any bonus however if need a specific number 500-800 usdt


I also have a lot of experience in ambassadors and Validator
I’m was worked with Supra Oracle , LukSo Genesis Validator , ATTA moderator , Oasis Protocal ( Rose ) Ambassador , Solcial Ambassador

  • Ambassador
  • Сonfident ,Translation, Сreating memes and graphics for social networks, Editing and creating videos, Maintaining social networks and telegram channels, I’m Trader Too
    Technical Analysis ,Fundamental Analysis
    *120 hours
  • I am available online every day, I am willing to work part-time job
    My time zone is UTC+7 I’m From Thailand
  • I’m Air-Cadet Now I’m 21 years old I want to learn new things and work in crypto world as much as possible

I need only 900 USD in SOFT/USDT/USDC/BUSD what ever, we can Dealing on a price and start an internship with a smaller amount


Hello dear comunity , me name Sasha , From Ukraine
For which role are you applying?

  • Ambassador
    What services can you offer to The Soft DAO?
    I want to be engaged in the Ukrainian community and its management, translation of articles, tweeting, and chatting in discord and help new recruits.
    How many hours per week can you offer?
    42 hours per week
    What relevant experience do you have?
    The main type of activity is partnership with exchanges, I cooperate very closely with the EXMO exchange, I also have experience in ambasadorstva, now I am engaged in the project Solcial

Community Leader/Ambassador

I will help revitalize the channel and form an atmosphere of the community with the direction the team wants.
Also, communicate the opinions of community members to the team.

  • I can mainly create and manage Korean channels and translate and deliver news,
    And I can easily manage it by creating additional Telegram channels in Korea.
    (Technical support for social media Discord, Twitter, Telegram)

80± hours
everyday 00:00~ 14:00 (UTC)

I have been working on community-related tasks in various Crypto and Nft projects.
Representatively, as a member of the larger projects such as Parallel Finance, Minted lab, Astrid Dao, Synfutures, etc.,
I have helped improve the community, and I can do anything based on a lot of experience.

Based on my experience and ability to work, I propose a $USDT or $SOFT of 1500$-2000$ :slight_smile:

Contact account : Telegram: Contact @HiKicha


Hi, I’m currently running Crypto telegram group in Korea

I want to be a Language MOD

I can introduce and spread this project to many Korean people

TG: Telegram: Contact @Honeyofwhitesocks

  • For which role are you applying? Community Leader, SoftDAO Team
  • What services can you offer to The Soft DAO? Support/translation article english-ukraine/russian/. Discord, twitter, telegram
  • How many hours per week can you offer? ~30 hours
  • What is your availability each week? I’m available almost each day of the week 7PM-24PM and partially 10AM-5PM UTC+2
  • What relevant experience do you have? I was a moderator in the game project forum, took part in various testnets, new projects promotion and support in social and my environment. And also participated in Tokensoft sale, and Tokensoft server booster.
  • What bounty do you propose? $1,000-2000 in stables or Soft tokens per quarter (or your price)
  1. The role of the ambassador
  2. Translation of articles, dissemination of information on Twitter, Telegram, interaction with other sites. Video creation or editing. Answering questions in the discord chat and maintaining order.
  3. 35-40 hours per week (possibly more, depending on stimulation)
  4. From Monday to Saturday for 5-6 hours
  5. I am an ambassador for KYOKO projects and LimeWire. There are also skills in creating videos that can be useful for creating creativity.
  6. 1600 USDT per quarter
    Additional conditions, etc. everything is discussed

Hi everyone, my name is Nick!

  • I am interested in the role of leader/administrator;
  • Can help ensure that platforms are adequately staffed and respond to community questions, messages, and comments. Organizing and managing the community;
  • I’m willing to commit 3 hours a day * 7 days a week = 21 hours a week;
  • I’m available every day (except for force majeure circumstances) 3 hours per day every week respectively;
  • I have experience coordinating the community, answering community questions, and maintaining a general atmosphere of trust. Active member of the Tokensoft community - ranked in the top 10;
  • Any mention of a salary makes me sanctimonious. I’m interested in being part of a larger project, carrying the overall message, but also having the opportunity for future prospective distributions.

Best regards Nick


Hi Dear Authority!

  • I am applying for Ambassadooor position.

  • I can offer translation and localization services in Turkish, English, and Spanish. I can write content and create stories. I can create basic social media posts through Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop and finally edit videos on Premier Pro. I have acquired 200.000€ sales in 2 years in a hotel in Istanbul. Perfect international communication skills and a good sales person.

  • I can work 30 to 40 hours in according to SoftDAO’s requirements.

  • I can work whole week and only adjust hours. For example : based on 40h, I could work 5 to 6 hours daily.

  • I worked in tourism industry for 4 years as a Chief in Reception and Guest Relations. I picked up marketing, sales, communication, fast-paced decision making, planning and coordinating skills alongside being flexible with stressful environments and pressure. I also worked as a Writer. The articles and/or contents that I wrote about included several subjects. I have good researching skills and will. Finally, I worked as an English Teacher and it helped me to acquire leading and teaching skills to any audience.

  • My bounty should be close to 1500 USD but it is negotiable.

Warm Regards

  1. SOFT Community Leader
  2. Technical support for social media (Discord, Twitter, Telegram) Handling requests, tickets from users (Russian / English)
  3. 40 Hour per week
  4. 10:00-00:00 UTC +3
  5. More than two years. Most of the work is on the discord which involves running events among the community, processing tickets from participants, researching projects that offer collabration
  6. On my existing projects, for which I receive money, I came on an enthusiasm basis.
    Ready to develop with the project

Hi, my name is Viacheslav, I’m the marketing manager of the a01k team [], I’m also the co-founder of 001k.dao - (10k followers)

• SOFT Ambassadooor

• I can help to promote SOFT DAO, because I have experience with DAO creation and I can also use my community to develop SOFT DAO.

• 50 hour per week. (But if more is needed for some tasks or deadlines, I can allocate more as I can)

• I work full-time-crypto. I am always online, so I will work during the day, with short rest intervals. Time zone (GMT+2)

• I have my own DAO community. Discord has 11k members

I am also the ambassador of GoldFinch, Mavia, Klex Finance and took part in KYVE program. I am moderator of Mojito Markets.

• $5,000
per quarter.

  1. Ambassador SOFT

  2. Support, ability to find a common language in any situation, I can translate from Russian into English and vice versa, I can easily convey to people the information that will be required of me.
    I can offer help in creating Irl, events and other things.
    Ready to provide support in discord, twitter, telegram

  3. 70-80 hours

  4. from 10 to 23 Moscow time

  5. for a long time (2 years) administered a multi-user bot for the sale of digital goods. During this time, stress resistance has been developed.

  6. 5000$

  1. I’m applying for the role of a volunteer.

  2. I can write how-to guides, I’m cheerful and I’ve got good communication skills, I’m keen on giving my audience satisfactory answers to any issue they come across.
    I love helping people by giving them clarity.
    Proofreading skills.
    I can comfortably use Translation apps to translate Articles from English to other languages.

  3. I’m available 20+ hours per week.

  4. 3 hours per day

  5. I’m very enthusiastic about Web3, and I always make sure to give guides to newbies (in any community I find myself) about any tech-related issue they come across.
    I have experience in Admin and Moderation roles on Telegram (defunct group).
    I can use a Discord channel comfortably.
    I’m one of the early adopters for beta testing of Web3 Apps on EARLY ONES.
    I’ve been a writer on how-to guides for 3+ years.

  6. SoftDao is a community I would love to volunteer since it aligns with my interest in helping people.
    I will love to be rewarded in BUSD Bep20. SoftDao, you can do your due diligence and reward me with whatever seems fair to you, once you see my output.
    I’m here to help, grow and learn with this awesome community.